The Hungover Santa Race

III Carrera Popular de Papá Noel El Corte Inglés 2014

AKA The Hungover Santa Race.

Date: 13th December, 2014

Time: No idea…

Let me set the scene. It is 8:20 on a Saturday morning and my alarm is going off. This is already a bad start to the day. I am disorientated. What is happening? Whyyyyy?!

So again, I have chosen to do (and paid for) a race the morning after my friend Margit’s birthday party AND a work Christmas party where copious amounts of alcohol was consumed (what? It was Christmas). Apparently I never learn. However, this time it is perhaps even more ridiculous, as not only have a had 4 hours sleep by this point, resembling some sort of monster with the remnants of last night’s makeup on my bleary face, but this time…I have to dress up as Santa Claus. I kid you not.

Of course, my Santa outfit is one of those “one size fits all” type outfits – which was sadly not the case, as I desperately tried to use my initiative to stop the trousers from falling down. I’m painting such an attractive picture right?


The best part of all was that I had to rouse a sleeping Lauren, who had crashed on our sofa, to she had 10 minutes to put on a Santa costume and go and run 5 kilometres. It is fair to say that if looks could kill, I would be a very dead girl right now. My housemate Margit woke up just in time to wave off two blumbering Santas, with beards on upside down (and in Lauren’s case almost covering her entire face..) and hats at a jaunty angle make their way to the race.

The best thing about being hungover and dressed as Santa Claus is that you couldn’t care less about the funny looks are you receiving and the vast majority of the time we were genuinely oblivious (“what are they looking at?” says one Santa to another).

So the race itself, was a blur of running, stumbling and occasional strutting…that is all I have to say about that.

That was enough for one day..

Honestly though, the sheer spectacle of seeing that many Santas so early in the morning was pretty magical and incredibly surreal. Lauren and I decided that we had had enough fairly early on however, so we ended our race in a nearby cafe, wolfing down some “tostada con tomate” without shame.

Perhaps not the most successful of races, but a great challenge in its own special way. We did it – and that is quite enough for us!

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