Jumping in at the deep end…

So I have often been called crazy in relation to my running habits…not in the sense that I am doing it in the first place, but because I often sign up to 10 ks and half marathons with little to no training under my belt. Sure, I’ll do a solitary run a couple of days beforehand, but training, I have to admit, is not my strong point.

So this leads me into the 10 k race (Corre Por El Niño) that I completed earlier this morning. I have to be honest, it was tough. Really tough. Granted I have not completed a proper race since the 1/2 marathon in Lisbon back in April, so it is no surprise really. But that double hill leading into Retiro for the last 2 k was just cruel! Who organised this route?!

At least today was my wake up call, jumping in at the deep end can work sometimes, but not if you’ve given yourself a 7 month long holiday ;). I learnt this the hard way. Hopefully next week’s 10 k will feel like a piece of cake in comparison, here’s hoping!

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