It’s Time to Run a Marathon…

Well I’ve gone and done it.

Yep, I’ve signed up to do the Berlin marathon on 24th September and it’s fair to say I’m bricking it. But not bricking it enough to actually train though apparently…

So, this is what I’ve decided to do:

  1. I’m going to share my weekly report of how my “training” is going – to be honest with myself and with you.
  2. Include my training plan – and the distance I actually ran
  3. My routes (with all the fancy stats)
  4. Some nice photos of Madrid, just because I like to boast about my beautiful city.


  1. Firstly, I think that if I make my training progress (or lack thereof) public – it will force me to up my game. Let’s see how that goes.
  2. I’m not your typical runner, i.e. those lean muscly types that look fantastic in lycra and are able to take selfies during a run. No. I’m very very very slow, I get stitches immediately and sweat profusely, but I’m pretty damn stubborn.
  3. I’m running this marathon to support a wonderful friend of mine who recently lost her dad to heart disease. Whenever I feel myself wanting to complain and moan about having to train; I think of my friend. Who despite everything, is still managing to put on her running shoes and get out there. She’s awesome; I’m doing it for her.

Closing thoughts

I really don’t care what time I complete this marathon in…I just want to complete it. And if these blogs manage to convince just one person to run a marathon, a half marathon, 10k race, 5k race or even just to take up running in the first place – then I’ll be one happy guiri.

P.s. I’m raising money for the British Heart Foundation, any donations would be VERY much appreciated:



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