Week 7-9: Slow but steady, tortoise style

It’s time for another update!

Okay so, it’s definitely getting better – I went back to the UK for a week in between which definitely helped my training. Not only did I have zero excuses because I was on holiday, I also had to take advantage of the fact it no longer felt like I was running in a furnace (and the added bonus of having my dad riding alongside on his bike for company!)


So here’s my filled out training plan for week 7-9

training week 7-8training week 9


Want your own 16 week marathon training plan? Feel free to use mine!

So I’m officially past the halfway point, 24th September is looming…and so is the dread. As much as I do love living in Madrid, training in 30+ degrees is no joke. It’s a constant battle between deciding to drag myself up in the morning before work (6 am – yuck) to try a couple of laps around Retiro…(I have yet to avoid the temptation of the snooze button, there’s always mañana), and running in the evening where you spend most of the time dodging the Madrileños going for their painfully slow evening walk and desperately seeking a water fountain before I pass out. Oh how I love to complain haha.

So, my week in the UK was an absolute dream in comparison. Having lived in Madrid now for almost 4 years, the feeling of coming home is like nothing else. And the one thing I always notice is just how green the countryside is, I’m a biased Brit, but I think it’s gorgeous.






So, with 6 weeks to go, I’ve reached 44% of my fundraising target – but I still need all the help I can get!! I need to raise £1,000 by September 24th to be able to take part in the marathon – (all the donations go directly to the British Heart Foundation).

Please sponsor me!

Until next time!





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