My Routes

A New Project…

I am making some downloadable maps to show my favourite running routes in the city of Madrid. I want these maps to help different types of runners:

  • Tourist runners: Showing the best routes if you want to see some of Madrid’s most beautiful landmarks.
  • Evening runners: For night owl runners, where can you see some of Madrid’s best sunsets whilst avoiding the commuting crowds.
  • Morning runners: Some of the busiest places throughout the day in Madrid are in fact, the most eerily quiet yet beautiful places for early morning runners.
  • Long distance runners: For those wanting to do half marathons and full marathons, Madrid is a great place to start your long run training.
  • Uphill runs: For those wanting a new challenge or training for a race, Madrid’s landscape offers some great opportunities for uphill runs.

Go-Guiri Madrid Tourist Running Map Download

Please let me know your thoughts & feedback – is it helpful?! How could I improve it?

Many thanks!